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of the west bank. hamas will be in control of gaza. and jerusalem is in israel's hands. >> but does it mean that they can join u.n. bodies, for example, the u.n. -- international criminal court. and many worry that they could go after is real progress this is what caused israel the most concern, that the palestinians can challenge them in the international fora, most notably the international criminal court. there is concern that soldiers all over the world will be subject to icc challenges. they see it as a not a step toward peace, but one of confrontation. >> france voted yes. germany and britain abstained. they were kind of on the fence. what of the peace talks, which everyone says they want? >> my concern is that this might push peace? further away rather than forward. given that you need israel at the table and that the u.s. tends to be the shepherd of peace talks, the palestinians defied president obama's express wishes not to do this. the u.s. calls for direct negotiations. we have seen this in the wake of the reaction. prime minister netanyahu said this is not a vote for peace. the
two weeks between israel and hamas and also the arab spring in its manifestation again in the developments we see in egypt. it is very, very important for us to try to get a handle on these things because of the importance of this region and the key role that the united states should and must continue to play. nobody can replace us in leading that region and in trying to find some way out of this chaos. >> eliot: you begin specifically with the u.n. vote. does that help or hurt? does it make more or less likely the possibility of reigniting genuine peace negotiations? does it help the palestinian authority and abbas by re-establishing his credibility as an individual with whom israel can and must negotiate or is this just some continuing unfolding of jockeying that leads us nowhere in particular? >> it is a symbolic vote as you said. there is much jockeying in the u.n. general assembly. that is not where peace will be decided in the middle east. on the other hand, it is -- popular opinion around the world is
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voted for this, but you know, everyone said that hamas gained a lot of power. hamas doesn't recognize your right to exist. the plo does. abbas. is it possible the win today gives him a boost? that this is something that is good for you? >> first, it raised the question if he represents the whole palestinians or only half of them. only the west bank as you have just mentioned. hamas don't recognize the right of israel to exist, so what we are dealing with here is the palestinian people. that's first. the second thing is more important. they are violating their signature with israel. it makes those that are opposing the peace process in israel and in the arab world much more powerful because they always tell us, don't believe the palestinians. they will never, never implement their commitments and they show us once again that we are committed not to make a lateral move. we'll negotiate for the final start agreement. unfortunately, those that oppose the idea to them was the palestinians become more powerful and the community helped them to accept or to convince the israel public opinion
into a truce in the latest conflict between the israelis and hamas militants who run the west bank or i should say that run gaza and palestinian say today's development could help bring about peace in the region not sabotage it as the israelis and some in washington claim. >> today's grand pronouncement will soon fade and the palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and find that little about their lives has changed. say that the prospects of a durable peace have only receded. >> shepard: minutes after the vote secretary of state hillary clinton echoed that perspective calling today's vote unfortunate and counter productive. with that we have team fox coverage of today's developments. jonathan, well, first we are going to have david lee miller in jerusalem. first let's get to the fox report's correspondent jonathan hunt live for us at the united nations. jonathan, a lot of strong words there today. >> very strong language indeed, shep. on the palestinian side, president mahmoud abbas described this resolution as a last chance for peace. implicit in that is the argument by recognizing a palesti
to be on the other side of the boundaries and we know in part in gaza it is a terrorist group named hamas. >>neil: so, we have to deal with the u.n. and we pay the lions share, what do we do? >>guest: we should cut off funding for the u.n. itself or at least a substantial part of it. senator hatch has introduced an amendment that would have that effect. the way we stopped all of this nonsense back in the george h.w. bush administration was by threatening to do just that. congress wrote part of what we have threatened into law. they did not cover this particular circumstance. it was the weakness of the obama administration going back to last year when the palestinians joined unesco vote. if they used the diplomatic tools this vote would not have taken place. >>neil: do you get the feeling as a naive observer, it is us and israel looking more like custer, the whole world is going one way? and we are watching. >>guest: only if you think the u.n. compound in are you it people bay in manhattan is not the twilight zone. the whole argument about in vote yesterday was abbas is down because hamas has been fir
and missiles is idea behind israel so-called iron dome. said to be effective in conflict with hamas. what. we look at the questions from the pentagon. >> 1,500 rockets were fired at israel from the gaza strip in eight day of fighting. the iron dome missile system said to intercepted most of them. modern warfare game changer in the middle east. >> iron dome, performed, fair to say remarkably well. in the recent escalation. >> only 55 out of the 1,500 ended up falling. >> the u.s. taxpayers invested $275 million to help israel build and seal the iron dome which can stop incoming rockets within a 2.5-mile to 44-mile range. israel outgoing defense minister gave panetta a model as a token of gratitude. >> small iron dome. >> but the u.s. army want mrs. than a model. it wants its own antimissile system. and congress would like a favorable discount given what the u.s. has already invested in the system. >> but instead of buying from israelis who already have technology, the army may decide to start from scratch. with a u.s. con tacker. system called ai-3 to take hundreds of millions of dollars taxpa
prepared to sit down with hamas leaders and actually deal directly with people who many believe now have more authority than the palestinian authority? >> first of all, thank you for asking me, because i heard you talk about it once and being israel's ambassador, former ambassador to the court of st. james, you would agree with me that even the craziest of crazy northern ireland did not claim them as the capital. we have hamas that does not recognize israel's right to exist. what do you want me to negotiate with them? how deep the hole, what flowers to invent to get to my funeral? at the end of the day, we are dealing with a terrorist organization. we went out of gaza never to look back into gaza and what are we getting? we are getting missiles day in and day out. >> i heard this argument, mr. ambassador. let me just say this, sir. the point is, though, you have to bite the unacceptable bullet eventually. you have to just do that. that's what happened in northern ireland. >> we are biting -- >> they now have mounting prosperity from that peace. so isn't that what has to happen? i know it
abbas, don't have any control over gaza and hamas and since you are divided between the west bank and gaza, who represents the palestinian people? is there any chance now that hamas and the palestinian authority can come together and unify and present a united front in negotiations with israel? >> i believe that's really of utmost importance. relative to that, what we palestinians want to accomplish. will we be able to have that state fully independent where we can live as free people with dignity. without the unification, to be able to put our country back together, the institution of our people back together, it's not going to be possible for us to have that state. that's something that we want. now, of course, in that sense thereof there is a certain degree of truth to the presentation as long as the separation exists it's difficult to see it as meaningful. however the truth of the matter is the plo, when it entered into agreements with israel, going back to 1993, it did so on behalf of all palestinian people. those who reside in the occupied territory in gaza as well as west b
. that territory is controlled by hamas, and internationally recognized terrorist organization that has rained missiles over israel. right into the heart of israel's cities this month. this resolution will not enable the palestinian authority to join international treaties, organizations, or conferences. this resolution cannot serve as an acceptable alternative to these negotiations with israel. this resolution says nothing about israel's security needs. and does not call on palestinian to recognize israel as a jewish state. it does not end the conflict. let me tell you what this resolution does do. this resolution violates fundamental binding commitments. this is a commitment that many states gathered here today in this chamber and stan witness to the commitment that all standing issues would only be resolved in direct negotiations. the resolution sends a message that the international community is willing to turn a blind eye to peace agreements. the people of israel, it raises a simple question -- why continue to make painful sacrifices for peace in exchange for pieces of paper that the othe
with hamas and islamic jihad. there were demonstrations even in gaza. although hamas initially opposed the vote, the militant group did change its position. the leadership of hamas though making one thing very clear today, that despite its endorsement of the u.n. vote, jenna, it has not in any way changed its position on a two-state solution. hamas still refuses to recognize the state of israel. so the more things change the more they stay the same. the jenna. jenna: well-put, david lee. we certainly have a lot more questions ahead in the new year for sure. david lee miller live in jerusalem. david lee, thank you. jon: some new information now on the looming fiscal cliff negotiations. strong words from republican leadership after president obama's opening bid. the president wants $1.6 trillion in new taxes, $50 billion in new stimulus spending, and expanded powers for the president to raise the federal debt limit without getting any approval from congress. a senior house gop source calls the president's plan, quote, absurd. and provides a 6-point explanation to back it up. is the econo
's time for that to be righted. >> after this last recent unpleasantness, if i can call it that, the hamas leaders were suggesting that it was iran who supplied a lot of support to them. is iran gaining more of a foothold now in the palestinian authority? >> well, you know, iran has had ties with some palestinian factions for some time. that continues to be the case today. it is not fundamental new or any new fundamental they've had that kind of relationship. >> do you think you could do a better job than mahmoud abbas at gaining or negotiating statehood? >> i think the president has really been handling the chores of the president's and his responsibilities including importantly in the negotiations as well as anyone could be expected to do. but the hand that he's been dealt given, you know, what i have described to you albeit briefly, positions taken by the government of israel, policies implemented particularly with respect to settlement activity, which everybody agrees including the u.s. administration that that is detrimental to the prospects of continued viability of two-state solutio
-fire with hamas leaves them in a strategically weaker position. it leaves iran and its terrorist supporters in a stronger position. you've got the ongoing effort by the muslim brotherhood in egypt to solidify its power over egypt and the military there. this is not looking for israel. >> greta: certainly is disturbing events tonight on that front. anyway, ambassador, nice to see you sir. >> glads to be here. >> greta: straight ahead, does senator john cornyn think president obama wants you to go president obama wants you to go over the fiscal [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. bass pro shops has great gift ideas at huge savings during our cyber week sale at basspro.com. check in every day for amazing web buster specials. plus, get free shipping on orders of $75 or more. >> greta: we're about to go head first over the fiscal cliff and democrats and republicans are still miles apart. we spoke with gop senator john corn
in humanas-- hamas built in the year 59. 59, that has been-- . >> rose: 59. >> 59 bc, that has been destroyed or damaged seriously, i don't know exactly what. two mosques, one in homs. >> rose: two mosques. >> two mosques, also of the beginning of islam. the market in-- the covered market in a legal-- aleppo is a part of the heritage has been burned. so the country is being destroyed. i didn't realize that how rich the past of syria is. the looting of archaeological things is taking place. not as bad as it happened in iraq but bad enough already. so this is what is happening. are you going to have, what i am saying is the choice really now is between a failed state or a political solution. there is no third option. >> rose: but is it primarily russia. >> no. >> rose: which has to change. >> no, no, i think everybody has to make an effort. it's, you know, this is you know what kofi annan called fingerpointing. that's not what you want. russia is a responsible member, permanent member, so is china. you've got to reach out to them and you know try again with them. >> rose: but are you saying-- b
is the problem. negotiation negotiations are in a standstill. as we saw last week violent extremists like hamas are gaining influence. palestinian authority, which rejects violence, recognizes israel, is losing influence and patience. last week secretary clinton c s successfully negotiated the cease fire but wasn't able to persuade palestinian president mahmoud abbas to drop this bid. >> margaret, are there consequences for the united states and iz role for this vote? >> reporter: potentially. the concern is that congress could cut off funds to the palestinian authority. the u.s. gave about $495 million in aid last year, which helped keep that peaceful government in power. the state department says that money needs to continue. benjamin netanyahu faces re-election in january says this vote is meaningless. threatening to withhold tax funds. he says he is willing to begin peace negotiations. >> egypt's parliament, dominated by conservative muslims approved a new constitution early this morning. the assembly's more moderate members are crying foul. it is sparking another day of protests against p
. just today, the palestinian authority, which has iseschewed the violent path of hamas and others, pursued a counterproductive path at the un. i will have more to say about that tomorrow night at the forum here in washington, but for today let me offer this one thought for u.s. strategy in the region going forward -- we cannot view any of these challenges in a vacuum. they are all connected. our strategy needs to account for the intersections and relationships. for example, you cannot understand what happens in gaza without tracking the path of the rockets from iran. or how the upheaval in syria and the rise of the muslim brotherhood in egypt have affected hamas. how the treaty between egypt and israel remains the bedrock for peace in the region despite all the change going on around it. how israel's concerns over iran's nuclear program shape its overall security posture. then there are the economics of border crossings and fishing rights and concerns about smuggling and arms proliferation. the list goes on. the united states really does need to bring an unprecedented level of str
-fire between hamas and israel. so really interesting development here. susan rice, u.n. ambassador had harsh word talk about that later in the show. interesting times. >> interesting times. off. >>> well, there is a desperate search on this morning for an 11-year-old girl with leukemia whose mother walked her out of a hospital in phoenix. doctors fear for the little girl's life because she had a catheter in her heart, and it could get infected if not properly removed. the hospital released these surveillance pictures and is asking for the public's help in finding the family. >> bizarre story. >>> well, president obama visits a suburban philadelphia toy factory today, hoping to win some public support for his plan to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff. on capitol hill, it's one step forward, five steps back seems like. neither republicans nor democrats seem willing to budge on the issue of tax raises for the wealthiest americans. in fact, the two sides are so far apart, even just days before the deadline, they can't even agree on where the negotiations stand. >> no substantive progress has bee
there between israel and hamas had nothing to do with yesterday's vote at the u.n. where mahmoud abbas won his bid for the upgrade here. here's how the vote came down. >> the voting has been completed. please log the machine. 138 countries voted yes, and there were only nine no's. you and i have been talking about this the last couple of days anticipating that this was going to happen here. this was a big blow to the united states and israel that warned, look, don't go there, don't do this, and we heard from the ambassador, u.s. ambassador to u.n. susan rice immediately after the vote. i want you to see what she said. >> today's unfortunate and counter productive resolution places further obstacles in the path to peace. that is where the united states voted against it. today's grand pronouncements will soon fade, and the palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and find that little about their lives has changed. >> how is it all these other countries, how is it that the -- the united states got it right here? >> mrs. rice is correct. ms. rice is correct, and in terms of -- it's not going to be
and rockets that smuggle to hamas. in the second term, no foreign policy challenge is more critical. the president has been dealing with iran's suspected nuclear threats. >> andrea mitchell in washington. thanks so much. >>> egypt islamists approved a draft constitution this morning that could further enrage anti-government protesters. it was passed without participation of liberal and christian members. human rights experts fear it could give muslim clerics influence over legislation and restrict freedom of speech and women's rights. >>> a spokesman says former president george h.w. bush should be able to leave the hospital by the weekend. he has been hospitalized for complications from bronchitis. >>> last day of trading for november. what's moving the markets? good morning, kayla. >> the stocks are following the fiscal cliff and the market dove yesterday on comments from house speaker john boehner. data released yesterday showed economic growth in the u.s. is still weak. consumers and businesses alike are putting a hold on spending. natalie? >> thank you. >>> and a grade school i
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